Working with Kids: JOURNEY Art Making Sharing

A space built in 2014 in Istanbul by artist Reysi Kamhi Mitrani to share and center the artistic and the cultural practice for children. Reysi who’s inspired by the quote of sociologue Henri Lefebvre: “People form spaces, spaces form people.” share part of her own studio with children. Not only she offered them a space where they can meet modern and contemporary art, but she also cracked the door open to them to discover the micro experience to be an artist.

JOURNEY IS NOW AT TEL AVIV. STILL PRODUCING AND SHARING WITH KIDS! It aimes to shape the future artists and art lovers to see art as a way of life.


The workshops we created about the minoritiesand social media are supported by the United Nations Fund.  We focused on the relationship between the growing children and social media. It’s about what they see, know and how they bring them into existence on social media.


Universsité de Judeo-Espagnole

Journey participated in 2015 in Paris to a festival about judeo-espagnole culture. We prepared during the week five workshop artistic with kids to understand better the culture judeo - espagnole.

Kıds of journey made ıllustrations For a book

Little artists of Journey, Alida Kohen and Nancy Saranga, during their workshops at Journey prepared ten illustration for the chapters of "Denizkizi Olmak Cok Onemlidir". (Being Mermaid is Crucial"