Reysi Kamhi Portrait


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For those who already know me know me 🌸 for those who don’t let me introduce myself; I am a painter for over a decade now, I have produced many art works in contemporary art and opened my own exhibitions as well as participated in a lot of group exhibitions. I owned a studio where I taught children how to create and understand art, we had a lot of fun there. Then I moved to Tel Aviv from Istanbul and gave birth to my little one ‘L’ . So I also had to move my studio here and carry on creating and teaching the little ones and adults as well. 

Such big changes in a row of-course changed me a “little” as well, I’ve started to find joy in other areas and aspects of art. I’ve started to create illustrations and find myself jumping from one project to another, I literally love creating illustrations. With those projects i found my self growing and challenging my own creating habits. I love working with traditional materials and use watercolour ( my favourite ) sometimes gouache and lots of colored pencil..

When I’m not making art or teaching, I’m spending quality time with my family, playing a lot with my son, having a very tasteful cup of coffee in my husband’s coffee shop, listening a podcast while walking, meditating and trying my best to improve myself and my self growth.