Reysi Kamhi Mitrani was born in Istanbul in 1985. She currently lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Before completing her education in the painting department of Marmara Fine Arts University, she studied for a semester in Paris at ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs). Then she finished her master degree in Yıldız Technical University's Arts and Design department. She wrote thesis project focusing on memory and space in urban life.

Kamhi won the 29th Contemporary Artists award, which is supported by Akbank Sanat Istanbul in a competition curated by Derya Yücel and Simona Vidmar in 2009. In 2010, she opened her first solo exhibition at Pg Art Gallery, named Under-Construction. She transformed the exhibition space into an artist's studio and produced during the work hours in the space. In 2012, at the same gallery, she realized her second solo exhibition “ I Skip Descriptions “ where her focus was urban experiences and urban memory.

With her third solo exhibition, ”Dear Universe,” realized again in Pg Art Gallery, she tried to observe and understand nature together with the relation between human and nature.

In June 2016, Reysi Kamhi realized an exhibition “A Garden of Thoughts” at Galata Greek School’s library, where this space hosted for many exhibitions and favored by the Istanbul Art and Design Biennials. In the exhibition, she was interested, in the idea of looking through the eyes of another living creature of nature, and in this context as a field of its intellectual function. In this sense, using a library space for the exhibition was consistent with the idea of creating an imaginary garden where collective readings were headed in the aim of plantinga seed of thaughts.

Her group exhibitions includes: The 6th competition of Siemens, Borders-Orbits curated by Mürteza Fidan and Melih Görgün in 2009, The Seventh Continent at Pg Art Gallery in 2010, Uncanny Games at the Tahtakale Hamamı, curated by Öznur Güzel Karasu in 2011, An Attempt at Exhausting a Place, organized by Lara Fresko and Jasmin Taranto at the Matzo Factory in April 2012,Charactere at Tankut Aykut Gallery, curated by Elif Gül Tirben in 2014.

Also, she participated on art fairs such as: Incheon Art Fair: South Korea in 2009, Contemporary Istanbul every year since 2010, Art Market Budapest in 2012, Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair in 2016.

In September 2016, she was going to participate to 5th International Çanakkale Biennial curated by Beral Madra, Seyhan Boztepe, Deniz Erbaş. However the biennial was cancelled due to political issues at Turkey.

In 2017, " Home and Away " series is shown at Çanakkale Art Walk 2017 : Originally conceived as a parallel event to 5th Çanakkale Biennial,  Homeland in Osnabrück, Germany. The groupshow is curated by Christian Oxenius in cooperation with CABININ.

The same year she realized her 4th solo exhibition: " In Between " at Pg Art Gallery in Istanbul. The exhibition was an attempt to hold on to and be covered with the past attachments of roots that carry the feeling of seperation, that change and grow within the years like everything else.

In Istanbul - Turkey, she is represented by Pg Art Gallery // www.pgartgallery.com